Why import from China?

Importing from China to resell in India has been a big business for a long time now. China has a massive manufacturing industry, that produces electronics, plastic products, textiles, footwear and much more. Being the most populated country in the world, China has a very large workforce working in the manufacturing sector. The low cost of labor and favorable policies by the government helps keep the cost of production low. This is why we can procure cheap products to import from China. The chance that the chair you’re sitting on or the laptop or mobile that you are this on is imported from China is really high.

China import products are also known for their high quality as well as uniqueness. The rise of e-commerce giant Alibaba has now given regular consumers access to these products. Resellers are on the constant lookout for the most profitable items to import from China due to their huge demand.

Products usually imported from China.

Have you ever taken a closer look at the products that people try to sell to you at traffic signals? Those products are probably imports from China. Remember the recent trend of fidget spinners? For a few months, they could have been bought even at the traffic signals. It was one of THE hot products to import from China. Resellers were in a frenzy to cash in on this trend, now they would have moved on to something else.

Here’s a list of products profitable products to import from China:

There are much more products that can be imported. Resellers with unique niches source their products from specialised vendors in China and get their products tailor-made for their customers in India.

OyeExpress an easy solution to your import problems

In order to get their products imported the resellers have to find a manufacturer in China. This may sound easy, but it is a hard task to find a trustworthy dealer. If you choose a vendor without doing proper research you will end up with subpar products delivered to you instead of the promised products. Earlier, importers travelled to find a reputable and dependable vendor for importing from china wholesale.

After the China manufacturers and suppliers of your choice have been finalised, you have to find a reliable logistics partner. Finding a good logistics company is not easy either, you need someone who can deliver products in pristine condition and within the promised time period.

OyeExpress will make this process much easier for you! We have a network of highly efficient and reliable logistics company that will evaluate the product information you have provided on the OyeExpress App and give you their quotes. All you have to do is select the logistics company of your choice. Once selected, the company will collect the goods from the merchant and start the shipping process.

You can expect the best professional service from OyeExpress which will make the entire import procedure easier for you.

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